Weekend In Franklin

daniel, mike, chris, & i drove to franklin friday evening and stayed ’til today around 1. definitely one of the most fun road trips i’ve ever been on. :smile: we had a blast. pictures are up also.

we got there in probably 3 hours, or a little more. we stayed at daniel’s great grandparents’ house in the middle of nowhere and it was awesome. since we got there late friday night we sat around for a little while and watched movies and then just crashed. we all woke up bright and early the next morning (8:30, ha!) to go help daniel’s dad paint some apartment building. we painted that place for 6 hours and we all decided that i wound up with more paint on ME than i put on the building. that’s definitely an exaggeration but i was very, very covered. i’m not sure how most of it happened, but we had a lot of fun in those 6 hours. and we even got paid, which i was definitely not expecting. :cool: random money rocks.

we were going to go to a bonfire last night but instead we had our own little party at the house. we made a pretty big fire out of trash and some old wood and ordered a couple pizzas and called it a night. ha… wow, what a night. i love my friends. :smile:

we slept in pretty late today. well, i did anyway. we packed up all our crap and left… stopped at waffle house on the way home (first time i’d ever been in daylight) and got some shakes and ice cream at sonic near asheville. we got back to the apartment around 5, daniel and i went to winn dixie so i could do some grocery shopping, and now i’m back in my dorm, nice and warm, with some non-paint-covered pajamas. finally!!

i am really not looking forward to waking up at 7AM in the morning, but oh well. i think this will be a good week. exams start thursday and it’s our last week of classes! :wink: oh snap.