way too early

announcement: adam called. he called sunday afternoon while my dad, christine, maia, and i were shopping for my sweet business attire and these and we got to talk for a pretty long time and i have been on cloud 9 since then. he sounded so much better than the last 2 times i talked to him and it made me a lot more at ease and he also said he quit dipping and smoking all together. so.. sherry, don’t send him more because he said he’ll throw it away. :smile: i can’t wait until december!!!

my tummy is grumbling and it’s 7:30 in the morning and i’ve already been up for 2 hours but haven’t had a chance to eat and now that i do, all that i’ve got to eat is crappy vending machine food and if you haven’t tried it already, that doesn’t really stop the grumbling unless you eat 3 or more bags of doritos. i did that last year and it stopped the grumbling but it made me feel like shit. i suppose i can’t win and i have to wait to go to breakfast after lab with jill.

for those of you who live in the bible belt, i don’t know if you’ve ever run into one of those crazy people who feel the need to “bring jesus into your life” and whatnot but they drive me absolutely apeshit. i was at the dentist and i had to get x-rays done. usually they don’t make me take all my earrings and things out because they realize how many i actually have and that i could be a human lightning rod if i were a few feet taller. so. with that said, the woman doing my x-rays made me take them all out even though i assured her that i wasn’t going to be fried or shrunk or anything like that. after all this was over with, it came time to put all the earrings/hair clips/glasses/hoodie back on. it took a lot longer to do all that so she took it upon herself to begin her preaching and i swear to god i wanted to slug that woman. she tried for a solid 20 minutes to get me to go to church with her (in wilkes county of all places, no offense if you like it there) and have a “girls’ day” with her and after all that mess i was fully aware that god was holding a seat for me in church but i told her that she can give my seat to someone else and that i wouldn’t be going for a while. definitely not the religious type, or at least not organized religion by any means because that stuff drives me nuts after going to calvary for a year.

we’ve been going to geno’s lately to watch the football games. i miss going with tech. support so hopefully we’ll have more of these nights. james, matt, and i made a trip to wal-mart after geno’s last night and got halloween decorations for the office. i am so excited!! i definitely can’t wait to put it up. we got some weird stuff too. wal-mart had the motherload of halloween decor and they even had random bloody body parts.

my shirt came yesterday. :blush:

one of these days i’m going to put up a list of things i’ve learned that have been valuable information since i’ve been in college. it will be a good list, and very educational. for this week, however, i think the most important one would have to be PAY YOUR RENT. we got a nasty letter in our p.o. box saying that we owed $1050 and that my check would be returned if my roommate’s wasn’t sent in aaand it’s only supposed to be $1000. we got slammed with a nice fee for that one. i am definitely not paying that portion. it sucks that people trashed our apartment complex so soon because now we have a security guard and he’s a turd when you leave your trash next to your door. that’s another $50. hooray.

biology lab is calling me. i hate tuesday mornings!!!