so rob and i just got back from the ASU gaming club cookout. i’m not an official member but hopefully i’ll be somewhere in there this semester. we had so much fun and JB and phil made the weirdest looking burgers i’ve ever seen/eaten and we played foosball ’til i couldn’t move my wrists anymore. we whooped some ass, phil & i. we were “the winners”. that was our team name and we were MOTIVATED! met lots of cool people, and got some good pictures thanks to JB taking off with my camera. they’ll be up shortly, along with pictures from hanging out at rob/leander/matt/JB’s the other night.

rob and i went to wal-mart on our way home and i bought loki some new toys since her stuffed animal had an unfortunate washing machine incident. apparently she’d torn a hole in it, small enough to not see but big enough to let all the stuffing out during the spin cycle. ick.

i saw beerfest last night with one of my neighbors and in celebration of the movie, i had to drink a 40 oz before going into the theater. it was even more fun. the kids in front of us had already cracked open some cold ones not even 5 seconds after taking their seats. if only i could fit a 40 oz in my pocket. oh well.

i have to wake up at 5:30 tomorrow again… but it’s FRIDAY!!! 3 day weekends are wonderful. i’m supposed to hear from adam tomorrow and i hope i do. i don’t know how but this month has gone by a lot faster than i thought it would and i am thankful for that because i miss the hell out of him. 20 minutes on the phone doesn’t seem like much but it’s amazing how it turns my entire world around when i could’ve been having the worst day ever. it’s definitely an awesome feeling. i can’t wait ’til the end of november. i’ll get my baby home for christmas. :biggrin: