uber dork

i have created a star wars masterpiece. wicket starring wicket, and loki starring… herself… with a light saber. she’s a badass, in case you were wondering. i got really bored when i came home from my dad’s and i’ve been sitting here for the past 3 hours playing in photoshop seeing what i could come up with and then it just kind of hit me and i kept going until i fully humiliated my dogs. i got sick of the bright, retina-burning flower every day so i had to do something. this seems more fitting, anyway. if you don’t like it, go away.

my stepbrother and his wife maia are staying at my dad and christine’s for a little while. i hadn’t seen my stepbrother in entirely too long so it was awesome seeing him again. :biggrin: even though all he does is pick on me and attempt to get me in trouble and yank my toes until they break and pull my hair… i suppose it was still a nice visit. i’m going back over there tomorrow to go to lunch with them and christine and then i’m not sure what we’re doing. it’s not like i have anything else i need to do. i like having johnpaul in town but then when he leaves it sucks. i like having a big brother but we rarely ever see eachother so that’s no fun. he leaves for iraq soon and i don’t know if he’ll be anywhere near adam or grainger but in a little while, i’ll have my boyfriend, best friend, and brother over there. something is seriously not right with this scenario. george bush, be glad you’re not my neighbor. i’d leave flaming bags of poo on your porch every night if i could.

i’m still really pissed about my power supply. i finally get my server back up and all spiffy and it goes to shit again. i’ve never had good luck with power supplies so when i finally get a house of my own, i’m never putting my computers anywhere near carpeting. i didn’t have much of a choice at my dad’s so the least i could do was put it on a little cart that’s up above the carpet. i guess that didn’t help much. or maybe it just died and it wasn’t even shocked. who knows. i tried my old, old, OLD one but it doesn’t even have the right cables or enough to hook it up. it’s from like 1998 or something. it was my very first good computer and it was a pretty sweet machine at the time… i guess not so much anymore. :sad: i’m going to save it anyways because it has stickers and dates of when my pets died written on the sides of the case. that seems kind of morbid if you don’t know me… but if you do know me, you know that i’ve had like 8 billion weird animals since i was little and i used to keep a list of the dead ones and alive ones. i was a sick kid.

i might want to get some sleep tonight. i don’t know when they’re planning on having lunch tomorrow but for the normal people in the world, lunch usually means around noon, and i’ve not woken up before then on my own in a few weeks. when classes start, that will be one awful habit to break.