Twins & False Alarms

friday was the 35 week mark.

saturday started out normal. caylin and i got up early, showered, had some breakfast, watched her play for a couple hours. then she and i went to hobby lobby to pick out a frame to put her mermaid sequin fabric in.

i ordered a yard of the pink/blue kind and it was coming in the mail that afternoon. i have seen the pillows just about everywhere lately, but we really don’t need more pillows or knick knacks in this house. clutter only creates more stress these days and drives me nuts. SO. i opted to make her a mermaid sequin board.

went to hobby lobby and walked around for a while. walking wasn’t comfortable, as has been the case for some time now, but it wasn’t painful, either. picked out a frame, some new markers, grabbed some chick-fil-a for us and brett, and came home. all was well.

fabric was in the mail, made the board and hung it for her, and she and i goofed around with it for a while. now she pretends she’s checking in and out of class when she walks past it on her way into/out of the playroom. :)

fast forward to after dinner that evening… things started to go downhill. i’ve been getting contractions regularly lately, and a lot more frequently. like every time i switch positions. but they hadn’t been legitimately painful until right about then. i had one for a solid 3 minutes that just made me cringe. i thought, oh lord, here we go. it’s happening. kept counting but they were never regular, sometimes 15 minutes apart, sometimes 30-40 minutes apart.

brett started getting all anxious, and in hindsight i shouldn’t have said anything until several hours later. i put caylin to bed, but by that point it was extremely painful to stand, let alone walk. and it just kept getting worse. a couple days earlier my ankles/feet had started to swell, almost instantly while i was sitting on the couch. so between those 2 events, i called my OB to make sure i didn’t need to go in.

i figured she’d tell me to stay put since they weren’t regular contractions, just wanted a second opinion. but no. she said to head to the hospital instead. HOORAY. it’s now 10:30 at night, and i had to call my mom to come stay at the house while brett and i made our way to the hospital.

we got to the hospital and i limped/hobbled my way into the ER. brett followed while the guy pushed me in the wheelchair down what seemed like 12 hallways. the night i went into labor with caylin started replaying in my head.

got into one of the L&D rooms, and they gave me my gown and a bunch of blankets. 5 years ago started to feel like yesterday all over again. i was actually shaking i was so nervous. i wasn’t this nervous with caylin, because there was a lot less room for complications with her. twins and the thought of a c-section scares the hell out of me.

they hooked me up to the heartbeat monitors for the babies and the contraction monitor. for whatever reason, despite the fact that i’d been having contractions all night and the whole car ride there, i had like 2 the whole 3 hours we were in the hospital. ridiculous. to top it off, i was no more dilated than i was 3 days earlier. still 1-2 cm, and no signs of babies coming that night.

they discharged us around 2am, and we were both somewhat relieved. relieved we didn’t have to stay there for further monitoring KNOWING that nothing was happening that night, because sleeping in the hospital just sucks. but bummed because we were kind of hoping that this would be it. the real deal. just happen already.

so here we are, 3 days later. walking has gotten stupid painful in the evenings. nurse suggested it might be a growth spurt, and apparently cramps/contractions/these kinds of things are also affected by our circadian rhythm. whatever it is, it’s not fun. sleeping is even more difficult and i wake up every hour, if not more often. to pee. to rearrange pillows. to wait out contractions. to take my thyroid pill. to pee again. or again. or again. i’m usually up by 5 something, caylin wanders in around 6, and we get our snuggles in. and lately by 7 i just can’t sit there any longer.

went to the doctor this morning, hoping for news of another cm or 2 of progress. but that hasn’t happened. i’m still 1-2 cm. nothing has budged. i’m happy because this means i might make it to caylin’s graduation, but frustrated for obvious reasons.

one of these days… sweet, sweet relief!