Tuesday Thoughts

eric and i were running with dawn earlier today, talking about random events of the day, and work, etc.

"i'm so hungry, where should we go for dinner?"

and then i thought, "ugh, that means shower, and drying my hair, and makeup and all the minutia of venturing out into people". and at some point i said, "that's the only thing i hate about showering, having to waste time doing all of that afterwards", etc, etc, etc.

and none of that matters, except to say, ALL of that matters...

it means i have hair to take care of and play with, because when i'm older, and my hair is thinning, or gone, i will look back to today and say, "WTF WERE YOU THINKING", as i often do.

i was disgusted at my own disposition.

when i gripe to myself about laundry, it means i have a home to tend to and adorable childrens to care for.

when i gripe to myself about dishes, it means i have a home full of mouths to feed and nourish.

when i gripe to myself about literally anything, it means i have something.

i am so fortunate, and so grateful for this life, and its ups and downs.

i think about this frequently. i try to remind myself, and to be mindful, but sometimes you get lost in the day to day.

all this to say, i hope you stop and take a moment to appreciate the things you may be taking for granted in the moment.