Too Much Fun?

this week has been so nuts. between my paper, IS project, my strategic management project, working in the security lab, the dean’s council luncheon, guest speaker meetings, and the partying, oh the partying… my body is in overdrive and i feel like every day i’ve been forgetting something or another.

wednesday night after duke energy came and spoke with AITP, i went and worked on IS project with my team members for an hour or so and went home and got ready to go to The Library with everyone. it was karaoke night. karaoke night means i have to sing. have to. it was actually really dead when we went but i pretty much knew everyone there so it made up for it.

let’s see if i can remember everything i sang… shania twain, miranda lambert, alabama, hanson, toby keith, and i’m probably leaving something out. i kicked butt at darts that night, too. we lost but i still was pretty happy with my performance that evening. :grin: i’m usually pretty bad at darts.

thursday was a sight to see in our IS project class. about half the people in that class were the ones that went out the night before so you saw everyone slowly trickling in at 11:05, 11:15, 11:20. class started at 11. everyone equipped with a bottle of water and sweatpants. despite the misery during days like that, being able to laugh about it with everyone including the professor is what i will miss when i graduate. heh.

yesterday i went over to my buddies’ place to hang out before going out last night. i decided to be ballsy and try a dip of grizzly. adam had let me try copenhagen once before when we went to myrtle beach and it didn’t bother me and it wasn’t all that bad. i’d been used to the taste of it since adam dips more than any human should, really, and you kind of get accustomed to it. o_0 so i tried it again thinking grizzly would be no different.

i didn’t realize that cheaper dip meant more fiberglass and less tobacco. so… i had it in my mouth for not even a minute and my head felt like it was going to spin right off my neck. let’s just say the next 2 hours were spent chugging glasses of water trying to eliminate the “high as a kite” feeling that had completely taken over my body which was now entirely filled with tingles.

i came down after a while, ate a cheeseburger, and went out with the guys for the night. we went to 2 parties–the first of which was a football party and i was shorter than everyone by at least a foot and a half. the second was at my friends billy and tony’s place… i knew everyone there and i’m good friends with most of them so it was a lot more comfortable despite the sick feeling. it’s always nice when you walk into a party and everyone hugs you. :lovestruck: i love my friends. we ended up leaving early because we all felt like crap at this point. haha, i went to bed at midnight.

i’m such a wuss.

sarah and dre are coming up in about an hour and i think casie is gonna come hang out so i’m going out with the girls tonight. casie got a job in charlotte so she’ll be leaving soon, too. i hate how no one lives close anymore!

time to finish cleaning up the apartment and doing laundry. i look like a total redneck wearing a hunting orange tank top and sweatpants.