To Teh Test0rz :)

i responded to your comment earlier but in case you didn’t read it, i’m making it more obvious. HI! :grin:

i did not take your remarks as a personal insult. at all. however, if i had not acknowledged the “midgets suck” insert, i feel like i would be letting everyone down. i was in class when i read it and got a few weird stares when they realized i was laughing at… phpmyadmin.

[edit] i’ve been updated. the midgets suck was not from you. it was from who i initially thought it was from. I KNEW IT. i freaking knew it. [/edit]

i DO very much appreciate the help i’ve gotten from everyone (this includes you, especially, chris) on my little project. i learn more that way and it makes it more entertaining. so… thank you. you may commence with the short jokes if you wish. my life would not be the same without them.