The Odd One Out?

i hate shopping. i. hate. it. i especially hate shopping with other people. and i especially hate shopping with other women. someone PLEASE tell me i’m not the only female on the planet who shares this opinion.

i think it’s safe to say that 50% of my clothes/jewelry shopping is done online (thank you, etsy and!), and the other 50% is done at tj maxx. if it’s not clothes, i buy it at wal-mart. or target, if i want something to not fall apart within a matter of days.

i know what i like.

i know what fits me comfortably.

i find it, and i buy it in bulk. literally.

i can’t STAND it when people critique what other people are wearing, or try to tell you what you’re not supposed to wear with what. it makes me cringe. the world has bigger issues.

i found 2 dresses that i really love at tj maxx–they’re cool in the summer (charleston is just too damned hot), and comfortable in the winter (winter in charleston doesn’t even count as winter), so i bought 6 of them. in every pattern.

i found the ONLY bra that has ever fit me comfortably, so i bought seven of them from kohl’s. in every color.

i found a pair of panties that makes me feel absolutely amazing every time i put them on, and i believe i have over 13 pairs of them now. in every pattern.

flip flops? old navy’s $1 flip flop sale and wal-mart’s $2 flip flops will probably be my go-to place for the rest of my life.

and i’m convinced that if i’m not at work, my camo pants with a cute top are acceptable just about anywhere.

i had to get that out. dear male readers, i apologize. dear female readers, do any of you do this?