the dentist is the devil

i went to the dentist today to get cavities filled… and i hadn’t done that since i was little. of course, i didn’t remember what a pain in the ass it was. they gave me 2 needles of novocaine, one in each side, and as soon as they finished one side of my mouth, the other one was a little bit weaker so they shot another needle in the left side. they continued to work on the right side. apparently they had missed a part of my mouth or something went funky in the left side and half my tooth was numb and half wasn’t, so they shot me with another needle full. i got 3 needles of novocaine on the left, and 1 or 2 (can’t remember ’cause i couldn’t feel much) on the right. it has been since 10:30 that i got this done and, well, my face is still numb from my top lip up to my eyeballs. yes, people, my eyes are numb. or at least the part of my face around them. it’s really creepy and i was scared to drive because they seemed to have a mind of their own while i was walking out of the building. i’m about to starve since i didn’t make time to eat this morning before i left my dad’s house, but i don’t think i will be able to eat without making a mess of things. i’ve been trying to kill time by doing the massive amount of laundry i have to do. the dentist said it would take 3 hours for the numbness to go away, so maybe i can do 3 hours of laundry. i think 3 hours is wrong though. i don’t feel any less numb. fudge :angry:

gotta put crap in the dryer. fun fun.