Tech. Support Reunion

last night was GREAT! james, anthony, ryan, stephen, nicole, and i all met in greensboro at ham’s for dinner and beer. sadly, i didn’t drink any of the beer. j/k. it was an awesome night. stephen lives/works in raleigh now, so does nicole, ryan lives in greensboro and works down the street from where i’m working, and anthony lives/works in greensboro. it’s not gonna be the same from now on! :crying: i think we were the loudest bunch at the bar last night. between anthony being wasted and stephen and nicole’s strange sexual innuendos… i don’t know how i made it through last night. my stomach was killing me from laughing. i got some good pictures! :wink:

yesterday before i left for greensboro i checked the mail and my sublime tribute CD finally came!! i was so excited because i got to listen to it all the way. it’s definitely badass. i had the most relaxing ride home last night, too. i had the windows down and sunroof open, new CD turned all the way up, it was still warm out so it was PERFECT, and somehow everyone on the road was doing the same speed limit and i just put it on cruise control and didn’t have to do a damn thing ’til i got all the way to my exit. god, it was great. i slept so well last night. i definitely didn’t want to wake up this morning.

i parked in the way wrong place on campus today, man. i park near the chapel so i walk between some dorms and then through another faculty lot and through the quad to the building i work in. i do that every day. today was a bad idea… because all the soccer guys are here. yeah. so they’re pouring out of the dorms and there are even more of them sitting on the quad already. so here’s little me walking trying to avoid getting smushed into the crowd because it’s already awkward… i start walking up to the quad and i see this giant mass of testosterone just waiting. the guys standing outside the gate were looking at me like, “you’re doomed, woman!” i took a deep breath, and walked through the gate. i swear there were several hundred of them. i… wanted to scream. i was so paranoid that i was going to trip over my pants and bust my ass. knowing me, that wouldn’t be surprising. i made it through safely and walked the long way around so i didn’t have to walk through them again. yikes. maybe i’ll make a round around campus next time to see where it’s safe to go in.

thank you to everyone who e-mailed me camera directions… hahaha. i have to work on that today. i didn’t have time this morning because i woke up late again but i’ll try it when i get home. the weird thing is a lot of you said you had the exact same camera but had different instructions… hrm. trial and error. this better work. :satisfied: