Sweet Sixteen <s>Birthday</s> LAN Party

i forget who i was talking to the other day when this came up, but they brought up LAN parties and it reminded me of my 16th birthday party–perhaps the only proof one would need of my quirkiness in high school. :geek:

i didn’t go to any parties in high school. scratch that, i didn’t go to any real parties in high school. i didn’t drink until i got to college my 18th birthday right before i got to college. i didn’t get in trouble have never actually gotten into any real trouble.

my sweet 16 birthday party was… a 4-day LAN party in the basement at my mom’s house. the same basement i used to have slumber parties in growing up. 4 days. with 10-12 (maybe more now that i think of it) of my closest buddies and my high school boyfriend. well, he wasn’t my boyfriend just yet. i dragged him around for the better part of a year before i decided to actually date him but we spent every waking hour together so it’s safe to say he was my boyfriend.

this video pretty much sums it up. i am pretty sure blake and pat were the masterminds behind it.

first of all, i know that any mother that lets 12 dudes stay with her daughter in her basement for 4 days probably sounds like a flipping idiot. let me just clear that up really quickly by saying the only action coming from that basement was when we busted out the video camera to film stupid videos of each other tackling unsuspecting victims out of their own chairs. it was quite possibly 4 of the best days of my life. and one of the best birthdays ever.

they made me birthday cake. we went to wal-mart and played with the lobsters at 3 in the morning. we found a bucket, WD40, firecrackers, and aerosol cans in my garage (MOM, CALM DOWN). needless to say, it was THE sweetest (and the 2nd most dangerous next to my 18th birthday where we had roman candles, a TON of fuse, and several canisters gun powder) 4th of july ever. :grin: we played day of defeat and BF1942 for hours on end and i don’t think we slept at all. mostly because there wasn’t anywhere to sleep. i miss those guys.

this was not the first or the last (obviously) LAN party i attended, it was just one of the longer ones. and one of the most fun. aside from the 3-month LAN that was the summer of 2003 where 30 of us camped out in scott’s basement and did nothing but eat his mom’s spaghetti, play games, blow sh*t up, go to waffle house, make swords out of PVC pipes, and play paintball. that’s really all we did. we couldn’t shower because scott’s cat kept taking dumps in the bathtub.