Stuff... Just Stuff

stuff keeps happening. not all bad, not all good, just stuff.

my mom came down to visit this weekend. i think she knew i was feeling crappy that brett was going to be gone for 3 weeks. i know she was feeling crappy because she knew her dog (used to be kind of mine until i left for college), wicket, was living his last days. it was much needed for both of us. the last 4 days have been really eventful, but somehow uneventful at the same time.

  • wicket passed away. she had him put to sleep. he was in congestive heart failure and it was for the best–he’s in a better place. i cried. don’t tell my mom that. i miss you, wicket.
  • my laptop died. i got a new one. i love it. it’s shiny and new and it gives me something to play with/reformat/destroy. THANK YOU, ASUS!
  • i’ve been able to talk to brett like 4 times since he’s left. which is awesome. he can call my lab for free (DSN or something like that) since it’s on the naval weapons base. works for me. ;) they’re staying in a tent with 50~ish marines & other contractors, but on the upside, they DO have air conditioning. thank the lord.
  • i don’t know what i got on monday, but somewhere around 4AM i got hit with some sort of stomach bug (that hurt like hell) and spent most of the day running to the bathroom to puke. a lot of people at work got the norovirus, but mine lasted less than a day, so either i got lucky or i had something totally different.
  • i got my first spray tan yesterday. it tasted terrible. i will write more on this later. the entire 20 minutes is worth a story in itself, trust me. BUT i’m not orange.

that’s about it for now–it’s time to celebrate st. patty’s day. my buddy craig just showed up with a pack of guinness and boondock saints 2, and it is time to celebrate!

brett–if you read this, i miss you, homie. i miss you a lot. :)