i feel like craaap. stomach hurts, head is all congested, cramps, chills, but it doesn’t feel like i have a fever. i was already sick in norway… why must i get sick again? at least the sore throat went away.

adam, i’m really glad i got to talk to you the other day. after over 3 weeks of not hearing that voice, i was havin’ troubles. i can’t wait until august. and you come home in NOVEMBER now! thank god.

i’m at my grandparent’s right now, watching law & order. i’ve been layed out on the couch since we got back from lunch. it’s my mom’s birthday so the family went out to the mayflower which was really good but i couldn’t enjoy it nearly as much as i wanted to. whoever thought of to-go boxes is a genius. i can’t wait to eat my ginormous sandwich when i get home. maybe i’ll be able to stomach it.

being home still feels strange. i miss europe so badly. although, strangely, after being over there, i thought it would suck coming here and not being able to get into bars… the past 2 nights i’ve gotten into 2 bars and was given a wristband at 1 because they read my ID wrong, and the other didn’t even card. so maybe it won’t be all that bad after all. i think i just got lucky, actually. but i can’t complain. that was pretty damn awesome.

i still haven’t put up scandinavia pictures. that is going to take quite a while… 1700+ pictures and then some videos. i think my server is going to melt! o_0 i’ll get there eventually.