Still No Baby, And My OB Is Evil

only kind of evil. she was trying to help, but i really wish she had given me some kind of warning. i went to the doctor yesterday morning. brett came with me this time since it was my due date and he wanted to hear the “plan” for getting this thing out of me. i went back first to do the regular check-up deal and have the doctor check to see if i was dilated at all.

i wasn’t. not even a tiny bit.

and then during said check-up, instead of just being like, “nope, not dilated, we wait,” it was more like, “this shit needs to start happening.” so instead, she forced me to dilate. just… WHAM. i didn’t even know they could do that. i started sweating. and all i could think was if i’m sweating after that one, god help me when a whole baby has to come out of there.

so that was fun. brett walked in after i got dressed so she could explain everything to us and i can only imagine the look of horror on my face.

evidently my cervix is still “unfavorable” and scheduling to induce me too soon (my doctor informed me that she had actually been hoping for today) would make the risk of a c-section sit at about 50%. and i’m not a gambler, but those are pretty horrible odds. which means we wait until my body cooperates and i go into labor on my own, or i get induced in a week. goodie.

but, quite honestly, after my doctor’s little science experiment, the former feels like it might actually happen if i’m lucky. my body definitely feels different. including horrendous back pain and a hell of a lot more contractions/cramps. i know nothing about making babies, but i’ve been told those are pretty darn good signs. in the meantime, i get to keep working from home. if nothing else, the next week will be even more awesomely uncomfortable. let me tell you how excited i am about that.