spring break

so… jill IMed me tonight to inform me that she BOOKED our room for spring break and uh, i’m completely excited about this. we’re staying here and i was not expecting anything like this at all. if i weren’t so sick right now i’d be running around the apartment screaming. holy freaking shit.

ALSO, james and i are going to see winger on wednesday! yeeess!!! i’m going to be screaming “she’s only 17” at the top of my lungs for the next week and a half!

i really need to start saving money. this is a concept that i have not fully grasped yet. i don’t know where it goes, really. besides food. and groceries. and dog food. the only shopping i’ve done lately was for a hermit crab. and then he turned out to be a murderer. i really have nothing to show for it. depressing? yes. one of my CIS professors suggested that we all start putting $1 into savings every day from now on. that would probably be a great idea.

i’m going to go sniffle until i fall asleep and hope that i feel better in the morning. things to do tomorrow: SEND ADAM’S FREAKING PACKAGES FINALLY, send adam’s card, go to finance, go to CIS meeting @ 5. i feel like a terrible girlfriend but everytime i get home it’s either after 5 and the post office is closed or i don’t have any $$ that day so i have to postpone sending it even longer. so so bad. i :heart: you and i’m trying, babe. next on the list is lots of copenhagen, junk food, pictures, magazines, gatorade/sweet tea mix, and anything else i happen to find in the toy aisle at wal-mart that could be entertaining to a bunch of goofy extremely bored boys in iraq. i miss you so much!!