so sick of this feeling

what is wrong with me? this is so annoying. so confused. so frustrated. snowed in. i’ve been a bum all day and i had chips and dip for dinner. this entire weekend has been a clusterfuck of emotions. just remembered i have an exam tuesday. yeah, i definitely haven’t studied for it. looks like it’s gonna be another late night for me. i’m sleepy, didn’t sleep much last night. but, with 8000 questions going mad in my head there’s no way i’m gonna feel rested in the morning. i wish i was 10 again and hanging out with becky and sarah in the old neighborhood. nervous about spring break. last night was fun but i could’ve gone without a few events (i’m not blaming you). that song… “they oughta put warning labels on those sad country songs”, yeah… it’s true. jesus. someone needs to make me turn off itunes. i just got done writing adam a long letter. i hope he got his packages. if i smoked, i’d have gone through 9 packs today alone.

i feel miserable.