So Much Room For Activities!

man… so… i don’t know if i’ve temporarily acquired some offshoot of ADHD, or what. but i have gotten so much done lately. too much, actually. i don’t know where it’s all coming from.

  • buying a gym membership at one of the local CrossFit gyms in charleston. i need a push… and continuous pushing. running just doesn’t do it for me lately!
  • purchased 2 SC fishing licenses for me and brett… aaand planning to go fishing this weekend with said licenses on the lake
  • going to boone/seven devils the following weekend for Fan Fest… AND we get to stay in the cabin… can’t wait. will hopefully get to do some hiking while we’re there
  • signed up for arc welding classes this fall at a local community college. i’ve always wanted to… FINALLY did it!
  • purchased 2 tickets to see avenged sevenfold, disturbed, stone sour, halestorm, and others in charlotte 9/1. i splurged and got us pit tickets. it’s just so much more exciting
  • studying for/taking the CEH 9/24… actually can’t wait until that one is OVER

aside from all that, when i’m not working on websites, i’m cooking or baking. i’ve been on a ROLL since brett and i moved into the new apartment. i cook like… every night. i love it. i never used to like cooking until i had someone to cook for. when brett’s brother and one of our friends came down for a visit a few weeks ago, i made THE best (grandma’s recipe) twice baked potatoes, green beans, and sirloins. he and i are huge meat eaters… we eat steak entirely too much, so i’ve been trying to mix it up a bit. she gave me the inspiration for tonight’s dinner (BREAKFAST. BURRITOS. YUM.) it’s gonna be good.

other things i’ve made lately… barbecue chicken & onions (thanks, dad!) and steamed carrots, fried chicken and my homemade mashed taters (i have completely perfected this recipe, srsly), buffalo chicken sandwiches, scratch-made macaroni & cheese casserole, chicken & rice casserole, taco casserole (last casserole, but SO good), homemade chili with pasta, breaded pork chops with veggies, chocolate chip cheesecake (mom’s recipe, it will give you a heart attack), cake balls, red velvet cupcakes i’ve made sure to have at least 1 vegetable with each meal… whether it’s green beans and potatoes, carrots, fresh cut salad, or succotash. just something.

i’m so hungry now.

i feel like i escape when i’m making dinner every night. the only other thing that gives me that feeling is pumping out code and, well, after being in front of a computer all day at work it can sometimes be too much. it’s nice to have found another hobby.

also, SCRABBLE. i’ve been addicted since i got Words With Friends on my old iphone. they finally came out with an app for the droid, and i feel whole again. :)

and for the Not So Active activities… we also finished watching season 4 of dexter. HUGE BUMMER. huge. brett and i both yelled at the TV after we watched the final episode this weekend. i don’t know if any of you watch dexter, but it’s impossible to quit after you watch a few. we’ve been watching an episode or more a night for the last several weeks and now we have no idea what to do with ourselves. well, we do, actually. he will play more NCAA football, i will play more scrabble and watch even more seinfeld. but… seriously. september can NOT come soon enough with season 5. i’m just so MAD about the last episode.