So Long Winston-Salem!

so i wasn’t planning on leaving home until saturday or sunday, but i got the urge to clean, pack, do laundry, get up and go. tomorrow morning i’m gonna head out. i might stop at kohl’s and do a little shopping on the way. i could make a super exciting day trip out of it. who knows where i’ll wind up! jill is going back tomorrow, too, i think.

one thing that i am excited about is my class schedule. i have 2 classes a day except friday and i only have 1. they start at 11 everyday and i have at least a 1.5 hour break inbetween the 2 classes, and mondays (gonna TRY to switch to tuesdays) i have snowboarding from 6-10. this schedule should be great and if i miss my classes due to oversleeping, then i’m an idiot. 11 is not early. and i got a new shaking alarm clock and it is super loud too. it scared the pee out of adam and i even threw it this morning.

my mom and i went to harris teeter this afternoon and bought stuff to bake with. i baked a chocolate chip cheesecake (SOOO GOOD) and my mom made a chocolate chip cookie cake but it has the vanilla/chocolate swirl chips (holy crap heavenly) and she took it out of the oven a little early so it’s not crunchy. just the way i like it. today, my friends, was another good day.

yesterday was awesome too. i woke up late (duh) and showered. i picked up jill from the charlotte airport and sat next to a bunch of national guard kiddos while i waited for her for 2 hours. her plane was late, so i had to wait a while. it was pretty funny ’cause these guys were waiting for their luggage that never came so they were an interesting bunch to hang out with. i even matched them, which was awkard, ’cause i wore my cammie pants and somehow got stuck next to them. oh well, it was a fun 2 hours.

jill and i went to the texas roadhouse because after her exciting trip to london that had a diet that included very little food (mostly alcohlic beverages) she had to basically detox and gorge on american food. so we ordered cheese fries and hot wings, and we were good to go. OH! and ranch dressing. yes.

i drove her home and then went back to my house to get ready. i went to ashley’s to hang out with her, sarah, and rachel. we did some pre-drinking at ashley’s. i had a shot of some godawful mexican rum and 2 beers and i was very… smiley. :cool: ashley’s dad dropped us off at red rooster (new country western-ish bar in town) and because it was college night, there were a billion kids there and the scary part was we knew about 80% of them because they were from west forsyth, our middle schools, or our elementary school at good ol’ south fork. very scary seeing drunk kids who you hadn’t seen at ALL since 5th grade… hrm. anyway, i had a blast. i saw a ton of people i wanted to catch up with, got pictures, and met some interesting people. some weird guy started dancing with me and trying to grope me so i intentionally racked him in the balls with my ass so he’d leave me alone. i think i should do that more often to creeps. ha! oh, and my buddy jordan hooked me up with a free margarita from the bartender. i guess they didn’t know i was as much of a lightweight as i am because that thing tasted mostly like just plain tequila but it was enjoyable for the most part.

if you ever go to red rooster, don’t bring a purse, or a coat. if you bring a coat, it should only be so they don’t see the Xs or bands on your wrists so you can more easily drink in the bar. just be sure you have the $2 to give them to conveniently hang up your coat. who the hell charges $2 to hang up a coat? i was pissed. so i kept mine on. it went with the outfit anyway. and i just carried my purse, but that was annoying, too. i still had a good time. we went back to ashley’s and watched madagascar, and rach and i eventually drove home. all in all, it was a great night. pics are up under holidays under christmas break. i still have to shrink them and make them into a gallery.

gonna go finish laundry!!! i might be going to bed early tonight, that’s a new one!