Snug As A Bug. In A Rug.

when brett and i first moved in together, i was hesitant. i was totally excited about it, but hesitant. i lived with my ex boyfriend before, on 2 occasions. the first time was nearly a disaster. for a plethora of reasons. some were unavoidable, like no A/C in june for a week. but the second time went much more smoothly. both times–we learned more than we ever wanted to know about each other, and then some.

which is why i was a bit hesitant to move in with brett. or, rather, have him move in with me. it should go without saying–that will make or break a relationship. lucky for us, it has totally made it. and then some.

and you know what the crazy part is? i think the xbox has actually improved our relationship. despite all the articles that pop up on digg about men getting pissed off at their girlfriends for griping about video games. my only stipulation in regards to the xbox is: as long as you do not replace sex with the xbox, everything is peachy keen. aaand my parents just threw up.

anyway, the 2 giant 40+ inch TVs in the living room that previously just acted as space-taker-uppers? BEST. IDEA. EVER. he plays 360 in the recliner, i sit on the couch and work on websites while watching TV, and everyone gets their way. except i have to sit squashed on the couch with loki and thor, which is totally unfair. loki is a couch hog. and she drools. and paws at my keyboard.

sometimes i cook dinner steak. sometimes he cooks dinner steak. sometimes loki steals our dinner steak. sometimes i eat cereal and he eats gummy bears. but it always keeps getting better.

he makes coffee in the morning. i make our lunches. we go to work happy (albeit sleepy), and we come home from work excited to see each other. we watch a lot of movies. and pawn stars.

and, until yesterday, i didn’t think things could get much better. but yesterday, we got a costco membership. things are about to get crazy down here in charleston.