i’ve not been updating much lately. i’m sick of looking at this website, to be honest. drives me crazy because i’ve had the same layout up for god knows how long… and i’ve been trying to come up with something and it just ain’t happenin. it’s annoying because i used to spit out layouts nearly every week and now i’m lucky if i come up with one every 6 months. seems like my creativity has gone out the window. so then i try to come up with something simple and i never like what i make so i get pissed off, close photoshop, and get on IRC instead. haha. so annoying.

pretty much the only thing that’s been on my mind lately is adam. i’m so excited about july… so excited. my hopes are way the hell up there so to mr. dubya, if something screws up mine and adam’s plans, it’ll be your balls. kthx. my baby deserves a break and he SHOULD come home for good along with everyone else over there. but 2 weeks is more than enough considering we didn’t think this was going to happen. hell, i’d be happy with 5 minutes at this point. anything to see that face.

it’s weird not having anything to do now. it’s a great feeling being done with class and clubs for at least a little while. i’ve got scandinavia coming up but i’m pretty much ready for that except for actually packing up my crap. that’ll take a while. i don’t really know what to do with myself. so because of that, i’ve started cleaning… a lot. i started at 1 this morning and kept going until about 3. i slept until 11 and now i’m cleaning again… and then the vacuum broke. it broke last night and i was outside with a knife and pliers fixing that damn thing aaaand now it’s not working right again. i think something’s shorted out or overheating because it’ll work for about 5 minutes and then i’ll have to cut it off and wait about 20 and then get back at it. it’s kind of disappointing because this vacuum is the only damn vacuum that gets rid of loki hair and that… that’s a bitch. summer is coming and you can tell when there are clumps of loki and clark/lex hair all over the apartment. it’s so gross… and it’s no wonder my asthma has gone apeshit this semester. i nearly puked taking apart the vacuum. laura’s not going to recognize this apartment when she gets back to boone.

ok… back to cleaning. i’m on a roll. this apartment is going to reek of orange-glo.