"Size Matters Not"

mwahahaha… i highly recommend checking out the webcam for today. the other part of my valentine’s present came in the mail when i got back from class today and it is SO CUTE! i can’t wait to wear him to the LAN this weekend.

on another happy note, i think i did really well on my exam yesterday. i have my last one today at 3:30 and being only 20 questions, half of them matching, i’m pretty sure i’m going to get an A. if i could only see my marketing grade, i’d be much more satisfied. it’s driving me crazy. that’s the thing about open-ended tests–professors don’t ever grade them the same day like the scantron ones. boo.

once this week it’s over, it’ll be time for AppalachLAN IX!! i’m excited to see my friends but i’m not so excited about, once again, not getting to play anything. at least adam will be there this time to help me retain my sanity. :wink: it should be fun. he gets to play call of duty and i get to yell at people. we both get to enjoy copious amounts of red bull, bawls, chex mix, and ci ci’s. everyone will be happy!!!