Sent Home Early! Woo!

due to the internet and shared drive being down at work, i got sent home at the fun hour of 11 AM. i accomplished 2 things this morning and those were getting a bagel and playing hangman on the window with courtney. i guess it sucks because i won’t be getting paid as much for this week but it was a nice surprise and i took time to pamper myself this afternoon.

i went to kohl’s instead of the mall for the simple fact that every time i go to the mall i get nerved up. somehow, military towns attract the creepiest people and just walking around in the swarm of them makes me start sweating profusely and i fidget with my earrings/necklace/anything attached to me that i can fidget with and avoid eye contact at all costs. plus, kohl’s is cheaper and it’s pretty much the only store i can go to that doesn’t make me depressed in the dressing room. i was proud of myself for finding a really cute summer-y tank top thing so i bought 4 in different colors. they were $6, too. it’s like it was there on purpose or something. i also got a new pair of sunglasses because mine are gone forever and 2 pairs of flip flops for $4. i win at kohl’s shopping.

i came home and took a long, hot shower, cooked up some pizza rolls, and now i plan on being a nerd on the couch for the rest of the evening watching TV unless something else comes up. the guys have tomorrow off so they might’ve made plans today at work. knowing adam, he’ll wait until i’m changed into pajamas and getting un-made-up before he tells me we’re going out, and then my good mood will be shot. we’ll see.

i’m still catching up on reading everyone’s blogs but i DID get to finish reading sam’s. sam–jamaica looked like SO much fun and i am so happy for you and your boy toy. i would say i’m glad you’re back safe and sound but i’m pretty sure iraq is anything but. hang in there.

i just want to throw this question out there since i keep getting mixed responses from people at work. what would you do if one of your clients was hitting on you? he’s pretty persistent and i’ve ignored everything he’s thrown at me. i have a boyfriend, first of all, and he’s a client! isn’t that unprofessional on his part? he’s a business owner. we’re his marketing agency. i’m his flipping web designer. i was under the impression that there were more boundaries. i also don’t want to screw up anything, though, because i’m worried if i say anything to my bosses/supervisors that it might get him cut from being our client. he’s not a peach by any means so not many people at work are too keen on him. one or 2 more strikes on his part could easily be the last straw for my bosses. :emo2: grr.

so that’s that. i’m gonna continue getting my laptop back to normal.