Relaxing Day

today was nice… after i finally got out of bed this morning and took a shower, daniel and i went grocery shopping and then came back to the apartment and played poker with mike and chris and watched movies… i needed to chill out and get a grip. i’ve been losing it lately over the littlest things and i’m not really sure what it is. i’ve been eating fairly decent and i’ve been getting enough sleep and i’ve been taking my pills and vitamins and calcium crap and i’ve not been doing anything out of the ordinary so i’m not sure why i’ve been so down. daniel cooked us dinner and we just had the past 2 hours or so to watch king of the hill and jeopardy and eat our hamburger helper. chris and mike should be coming back soon and hopefully it’ll continue to be a good night. we’ll see.

i think i just need something really good to happen because i need a pick-me-up to get me back on the right foot. i’ve been totally out of sorts since we got back from spring break and neither me or daniel knows why… something needs to happen to snap me out of things.

on a lighter note, i just got a call from grainger. that definitely made me feel a lot better to know he’s doing alright over there.