this weekend was so freaking awesome. grainger, puhlman, chapin, and lamando (idk if i spelled your name right), you guys are great and put a biiiig smile on my face. grainger, i have missed hanging out so damn bad and i’m glad we got our mexican and misfits and beer all in one night. good times, good times. i will forever remember almost dying while flying down the hallway in a luggage cart, i’ll remember jumping on the bed forgetting i had a beer in my hand, i’ll remember stealing the sombrero off the wall because it is now dangling in my car from the ceiling… ohh boy. lots of fun times. i hope you’re having fun in minnesota with your lover woman and i’m looking forward to our badass road trip. pictures are up in the gallery!!

to the douchebag who told me that i am a crybaby and need a life… WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? anyone who knows me could probably tell you that i am more than happy with my life and the only reason i bitch about things on this website is because i have to FIND something to bitch about to be remotely entertaining because otherwise i’d be like “i’m happy” and that’d be the end of it. it’s for my personal use so if you don’t like reading then don’t waste your time that you could be using taking a shit reading the newspaper at the same time. not a crybaby… and my life is never boring. i rarely take a break from having fun and when i do it’s either due to illness or study time. i make time to sit down and update this thing because it’s something i ENJOY DOING. so go away, because you’re dumb.