rainy day

today is such a crappy day. it’s been raining all day and it’s cloudy and yucky. on a good note, i didn’t have to go to my 9:30 and our online test is tonight and hopefully i’ll get another A. matt and i kicked the last one’s ass.

i was very productive yesterday since i missed the bristol day trip (slept through 2 alarms and 40 phone calls). i went to the eye doctor and my glasses should be ready by today sometime. they’re really cute, too. i’m excited. i scheduled a physical at student heath services, and i figured out when my dentist appointments are. i’m so slack on this kind of stuff. so… i was pretty proud of myself to have gotten it done on my own will without having my parents scoot me along like 99% of the time. they did make the mistake at the eye doctor, however, when they gave me those eye drops that make your pupils the size of nickels and make your eyes go numb with the yellow crap. they didn’t tell me i should have someone drive me. so… that was a feat in itself making it the mile back to my apartment. i looked either asian or retarded with my face all squinched up trying to see.

i went and hung out with aaron and jared again for a while and brought loki with me so she could play with the puppies. she loved it and got to run around so it was awesome. not thinking, i forgot my inhaler again, so we went back to my apartment to get it, and i had RUN OUT and it was totally empty after i took 1 hit. it usually takes like 5 or 6 to get me normal again after it gets to the point it was at last night. ever since living with laura’s cats, it’s been a pretty big problem. my asthma has never bothered me on a daily basis with this severity until now, so i suppose when i have that physical, i should invest in a new inhaler. for now, i have the one from walgreens that tastes like rotten fruit getting pasted to the back of your throat. i bought ice cream to help wash it down.

laura needs to come home from colorado because i’ve been slacking on the nightly workouts. this is not good if i want to reach my goal for spring break. not good. i tried a bathing suit on at the mall yesterday and i don’t know what the hell made me think that would be a GOOD idea. i almost left in tears. i took the other things i bought on sale and left.

adaammm… that really sucks that you’re getting moved out of your company. i know you have scott with you and murray but damn, those are your buddies. i hope you get the little package i sent you. and my stepmom is sending another one. and i hope you eventually got the one the ladies at work sent you. i miss you and i can’t wait to talk to you again!!! :heart:

shower time, and then maybe my glasses will be done!