Pumpkins, Weeble Wobbles, & Elephantitis

last week:

W: so, jen left my apartment at 12:30 AM, went to wal-mart, and then sent me a picture of a lumpy pumpkin.

M: …

J: it was really lumpy!!! and i needed milk!

W: yea. she also sent me a picture of an elephant.

M: were you near the elephant?

J: no, the person near the people who were ON the elephant sent me the picture!

M: so, you just passed it on?

J: yes.

W: next time, i want a picture of a lumpy elephant.


W & J thoroughly disgusted

W: NO WAY. that is disgusting. she might GET it.

M: can you GET elephantitis?

W: i don’t know, but i guarantee if you google that shit you’ll find yourself in a whole new world of [expletive]-ed up that you never wanted to experience.

M: i wonder if it’s contagious.

W: i don’t know, but i’m too short to be lumpy.

M: you’d be a weeble wobble!


W: well, there’s the silver lining!

J: just sayin’!

i love my coworkers. despite the fact that we have disturbing conversations, i will be praying for disturbing come tomorrow morning at 7 AM when our 9-hour meeting begins in cedar rapids, IA.

lord, let it go by quickly.