Proper Hobbit Wedding Brainstorm

[![wedding ideas](/content/images/2011/06/Beeclip-300x240.png "wedding ideas")](/content/images/2011/06/Beeclip.png) [![wedding ideas](/content/images/2011/06/Beeclip2-300x240.png "wedding ideas")](/content/images/2011/06/Beeclip2.png) [![wedding ideas](/content/images/2011/06/Beeclip3-300x240.png "wedding ideas")](/content/images/2011/06/Beeclip3.png) [![wedding ideas](/content/images/2011/06/Beeclip4-300x240.png "wedding ideas")](/content/images/2011/06/Beeclip4.png)
i found all these images on, looking for inspiration. and then after glancing at them this way, i realized that the way i imagine our wedding is not unlike the birthday party of bilbo baggins in the shire.
[![hobbit wedding](/content/images/2011/06/image.png "hobbit wedding")](/content/images/2011/06/image.png)
i really like the idea of colored paper lanterns and mason jar candle lanterns and wooden crafted signs for things and lots of bright flowers everywhere. it would be so cozy in the fall. but i especially like the giant old bathtub full of soda beer idea.

and the mini cotton candy sticks.

and tiny, assorted snacks.

and the tub of lemonade.

and that just made me realize that i really want frozen lemonade at my wedding.

sunflowers. tiger lilies. little bitty cheeseburgers. steak. OMG.

so… thoughts?