Prepping for Twins

the nursery is ready.

the house is not clean… but i’m working on hiring the cleaning service again.

we have a formula machine this time. oh my god. this makes me so happy. but i haven’t unpacked it yet.

the baby clothes are all organized.

we have diapers and formula and wipes. not nearly enough yet, but we have some.

we have a family photo session scheduled for this afternoon. it might have taken 4 years and babies on the way, but we’re finally getting family photos taken.

pack and play still not assembled.

plush baby floor mats in the mail.

car seats, only 1 of which is installed.

pacifiers and bottles not sanitized yet.

i don’t know what else i’m forgetting. i feel strangely at ease, this time around. despite being absolutely TERRIFIED about TWINS, i’m more at ease about bringing more babies home. because we actually know how to take care of a baby this time. i’m sure much has been forgotten, but it’s not as scary.

so now… all we have to worry about is how this one will react. hoping like hell we don’t screw this up. can’t believe how much i love her. and i hope she loves becoming a big sister.