Poor Thor

i feel like such a schmuck. i went on post to bring adam his dinner (he got stupid staff duty again) and forgot to put jack in his cage. i came home to a clean house and no mess on the floor, but i think jack decided that thor was a toy and he beat him up pretty badly. i don’t think he actually attacked him, but thor’s fur was all matted with dog slobber and his ear is bitten up and bloody.

i immediately gave him a warm bath and snuggled him up in some really soft blankets and dried him off. he was purring when i was rubbing him and drying him off, which is a good sign. but whenever i pick him up, he moans and lays back down. he has been sleeping since i laid him down and gave him a little tiny bit of tuna (i wanted to cheer him up, didn’t work so well). i feel so horrible because he’s just a tiny little thing. he looks so pitiful.

i want to take him to the vet but #1- it’s closed, and #2- i can’t afford it right now. i’m still waiting on website payments so until that happens, i’m screwed. i really hope he isn’t injured internally. he’s going to be treated like a freaking king until he’s all fixed up and back to his perky self. until then, i’m probably going to continue to feel like a schmuck.

cross your finger for me. :emo: