pictures from this weekend and today are up in the gallery… fun stuff. :wink: today was my first time ever in my life going to school in the snow… WALKING to school in the snow even. ha! it was so fun. i love this weather. i’m sure i’ll be hating it when there’s still nasty brown snow on the ground in may. gah.

daniel has been having a rough past week and a half so i met him on campus to head to the highlands after i left work. i fell asleep on him on the couch while watching king of the hill on TV this afternoon and started snoring and woke myself up. i hate it when that happens ’cause that’s when you KNOW it was loud. :angry: stupid, stupid.

payday tomorrow! woohoo! i’m going to freshman seminar to have a nice homecooked breakfast, get my presentation over with, and then a few errands and i’m done!!! my first college semester successfully completed with a damn good GPA and no regrets and nothing but fun.

I’M COMIN’ HOME BIATCHES!!! i miss y’all!

[edit] note to everyone using mozilla firefox… THIS SITE LOOKS LIKE ASS IN IT! i do not like IE; however, it accepts more scripts that i’ve been using on this website for years and it’s hard to adjust some of them to work with firefox. next layout mission will be to avoid microsoft conformity and dare to change things around a bit. we’ll see what happens. i’m halfway there… i’ve got linux on this beast now so i’ll be able to see what it looks like MICROSOFT FREE!!! :cool: [/edit]