are so good at midnight. i just made a bunch, sat in the kitchen eating them, and colin and dustin came to visit. i love this place. :smile:

i woke up way late today and geeez it was great sleeping in again! i got dressed and went to the mountain house restaurant with wright and got my mashed taters & gravy w/green beans fix for the week. it wasn’t nearly as good as the place my mom and i go to at disney world. mom, we need to address this issue as it has been almost 2 years since we’ve been. :cool: sound good? good.

we went back to wright’s and watched king of queens and everybody loves raymond and two and a half men and ate popsicles and did absolutely nothing and it was lots of fun. days like this may not be 100% eventful but sometimes it’s just better that way.

i talked to grainger again today. he and puhlman called me and it made me smile. i miss those bastards and they come home in less than a month! i’m stoked, because i want my best friend back. and i’m ready to go to ohio. :wink:

finishin’ these pancakes and i’m heading to bed. goodnight.