i don’t know why i thought it was a good idea to take on as many projects as i have lately. i think i was thinking that the more i stay busy, the less time i have to sit idly and drive myself crazy. i think that was a dumb plan.

i love doing freelance web design. love it. the extra income is freaking fabulous. but i’ve become a workaholic the last few weeks.

generally, i work on 1 (maaaybe 2) sites at a time, and usually i’ll have clients who need small updates here and there. which is fine. but what have i done? i took on 3. plus i’ve kept up with necessary updates and maintenance. plus i’ve worked on a few odds and ends for one of my favorite clients in charlotte (brandon, you are awesome) more than usual this week, in particular.

3 websites from the ground up. 2 of which are e-commerce. and maintenance for a handful of websites. i either want to die early or i’d just really like to accelerate the gray hair and wrinkles.

i don’t think it’s the workload as much as it is keeping up with my clients. i’m constantly tied to my phone (except when i’m at work, can’t have it in my lab) and/or e-mail so there really is no down time. at least, i don’t give myself any. i read and respond to all my e-mails at work. i read and respond to all my e-mails when i’m carrying my phone around. regardless of the time of day. i usually don’t give myself weekends off and only recently have i stopped bringing my laptop with me when i go out of town (forcing myself to quit working on crap).

i left work yesterday, went to my dentist appointment, and went home. upon getting home, i cleaned up the apartment, did 2 loads of laundry, ran to wal-mart for a few things, and came home and cooked dinner (chicken & rice casserole = very important comfort food). i started working at 6:00 and i am pretty sure my hands did not leave my keyboard until my head hit the pillow at 1 AM.

i am NOT bringing my laptop to boone this weekend. right now, the plan is to wear sweatpants and sit in front of the TV the entire time. also, steak. i’m officially cutting myself off until monday. it’s gonna be tough, but i think i’ll manage.