i forgot to mention that on the 19th or the 20th the site will be down. since i’m moving into the dorm that weekend, the site could be down for a couple days depending on how long it takes me to get situated and get this crap up and running again. i’m gonna try to make it quick!

it’s so sad. becky and sarah and i had our last sleepover for a long while last night. sarah leaves for asheville saturday and becky leaves for wilmington saturday. i want to cry. i’ve never been more than 5 minutes away from them since i was 4 years old. what am i gonna do?!?! sarah is still only 30 minutes, but becky is 5-6 hours from us. at least we’ll have fun road trips. i love you guys! :crying:

i’m still really excited about moving to boone. i know so many people there and i know it’s gonna be a lot of fun. i will miss everyone here at home, but i will be back. last night becky and sarah helped me get all the school crap i got this weekend out of my car and into my room. i unpacked all of it and went through everything and started putting it in boxes. i consolidated most of it into 2 big boxes, which was really nice. i think it’ll be a lot easier than 13 wal-mart bags.

i’m gonna shower soon and then i’m gonna get out of here!

[edit] in response to the comments… other people told me asheville was 30 minutes from boone. that really blows. as does the server thing. i guess i’ll figure something out when i get there. [/edit]