Only Slightly Embarrassing

when i was leaving the exam center on friday, i was all smiles after finding out that i had passed. i texted brett earlier that day and told him that if i passed, i was going to treat myself to either A) a new piercing, or B) a new hair-do.

aaand… i did neither of them. instead, i made an appointment to get my hair done this thursday, because brett threw a hissy fit when he heard “new piercing” (he thinks i’m running out of places to get holes punched and doesn’t think i need more metal in my face, i disagree). hair-do works for me.

anyway, since i wasn’t going to do either of those (BUMMER), i went to rite-aid because i needed some stuff.

i started walking towards the store and tripped over my own two feet. this happens entirely too often, FYI. anyway, when i tripped, i audibly said (yes, to myself), “it’s ok! nobody saw that!”

i have no idea why i felt it was necessary to say those words out loud. but, no one else was in the parking lot. whatever.

then i walked up to the door, and standing to my right, behind the ginormous pole, was some random guy. staring blankly at me.

and then… deadpan… he says, “well, i saw it!”