one and a half more days

ahhh… so many people i have yet to visit before i leave and i STILL have to finish shopping for crap today. my mom is taking me to space savers to get some drawers for my dorm room to put underneath my bed and she and i started packing last night. packing blows. it’s so hard figuring out what stuff i really need and really want to take. i’m failing miserably deciding between the two, so i’m probably gonna end up bringing every bit of memorabilia with me. it’s horrible. too much crap. just too much.

last night after my mom and i packed, i got ready to go back out again. chad picked me up and we went to buffalo wild wings with a bunch of people. that was my second time going and i am already going to miss the place. i’ve met so many people both times i’ve gone and seen so many people that i hadn’t seen in ages. it’s awesome. too bad there isn’t one in boone. :crying: i’ll get over it. a few of us stayed at chad’s for the night. i was about to pass out by 4 AM i was so tired. i hadn’t gotten much more than 5 hours of sleep the night before. i was the only person not drinking, i think, and the only person that didn’t drive to chad’s house. i was pretty much stuck there, tired or not.

i got home this afternoon around 12 and took a shower. i’m sitting here trying to remember where i put one of my pairs of pants and trying to decide whether i want to continue packing right now or wait until my mom and i go to space savers.

brendan, where are you?! :angry: