Old Diaries

after catching up on Dooce, heather’s latest post inspired me to dig up one (there are probably 20) of my old diaries/journals from when i was in middle school, perhaps one of the most humiliating, dorkiest, incoherent times in my life.

the particular diary i chose is fuzzy and looks like winnie the pooh’s head, except a bit more rectangular and flattened. it was written by not only me, but by my 8 best girl friends at the time. the best part is, facebook has allowed me to keep in touch with all 8 of them until this day and if i posted any of their entries, they would probably be just as embarrassed and sick to their stomachs as i am after seeing all of the “wuz”‘s and “neway”‘s and “reeeeely”‘s and “pplz”‘s and “buhbyez”‘s and “LYLAS!!!11″‘s. we were all demented. i blame our social studies teacher for telling us stories about little boys throwing pencils into people’s eye sockets and watching them dangle, or why we weren’t allowed to have co-ed sleeping arrangements on our florida keys trip in 7th grade.

so, until i find a more “mature” (if you could call it that) diary to pick from, i will just let it be known that until after my first 2 years of college, i firmly believe i was a complete and total nutcase and if the Internet could burn, i would set in flames every blog ever written until, well, 2 years ago i suppose.

reading these entries did bring back one fond memory–microwaving furbies. anyone else ever try that little science experiement when they were little?