Oklahoma City

this week i put another $50 down on my oklahoma city trip in april. AITP is holding another fundraiser prior to the trip to help pay for all of our hotel, air fare, and conference fees. last year we raised over $3000 and this year we’re hoping to beat that goal. this week and next week i will be determined to get as many donations as possible from local companies.

have any of you ever been to oklahoma city? i’ve only seen what i could find online and it looks like a blast. i can’t wait. the only thing i’m worried about is presenting my research. the rest will be sweeet!!! :grin: spring break and oklahoma are gonna kill me but it’s gonna be worth it.

also, threadless had a sale the other day on $9 tees. i bought this one.

[![The Last F*ckin' Unicorn](http://www.threadless.com/product/1435/minizoom.jpg)](http://www.threadless.com/product/1435/The_Last_F_ckin_Unicorn)