oh snap, new toys

alright so this morning my dad and i got up bright and early to get to the store before anyone bought the laptop & monitor we were gonna get. they had moved the display and scared the crap out of me because i thought someone had gone and bought it, and in that case, i was going to have to shoot someone. :biggrin: anyhow, my new toys are now in my possession and i’ve been playing with them all day. so excited!!!1

what’s really annoying is all the crap that’s on the laptop when you buy it. i spent a good 45 minutes taking off stuff that i don’t need… i still have a lot to do though. i haven’t hooked it up to the internet yet and i haven’t put office or any other programs on it so i’ll have something to do for the rest of the afternoon if i don’t end up going out.

grainger is coming back for the weekend, james is supposed to be in town this weekend also, and ron leaves for iraq soon. right now he’s in kuwait just waiting to get moved out. scary :sad: he’ll be okay though. happy thoughts.

i’m gonna go back to playing with the laptop.