not good

it’s 4:30 in the morning aaand… i have to get up in about 5-6 hours to get ready to go to charlotte to leave for scandinavia. i should be sleeping… because i’m going to be uber jetlagged and we have to meet with a company after we get to denmark. i’m stupid but i can’t sleep and i’m wired and i am entirely too excited!!!

this weekend has been awesome… absolutely awesome. partied a little too hard friday night, but that’s okay. jumped in trout lake saturday evening… a bit chilly but it was SO refreshing and made me wish i was 6 again. apples to apples can go on forever but that game is definitely addicting. mother’s day was very nice and i’m glad i went on a walk with my mom. it made me feel better and we had a nice, long talk. and it was gorgeous outside! i went to lunch at chili’s with my buddy scott today and that is always fun… i miss my old friends that i never get to see lately. it does make for good reunions, though. i met up with my dad at the mall and finally got a power converter for europe since mine has gone missing… and i went to mocksville as soon as i left the mall to meet up with brian and hung out for a while. he finally got the tattoo he’d been wanting and all i can say is, he couldn’t have picked a better-fit one. he shouldn’t be alive right now and there must be a hell of an angel watching over that boy because after a bike accident like that, you’d better know how lucky you are. i don’t know what i would’ve done… that kid’s been one of my closest friends since the 9th grade. i met back up with scott and some other people after i left mocksville and watched borat. i have to say, that is one of the, if not the, dumbest movies i’ve ever seen. i never want to see it or any part of it ever again… especially not the naked wrestling part.

i finished up the night wandering around the kernersville wal-mart. i wanted a new journal for the trip since the one i’ve been using is bulky and annoying. and i had to get a wallet that held my passport securely. i’ll be damned if i’m going to carry my passport in my pocket 24/7. most of my pockets aren’t big enough to even hold a passport, and i’d still probably lose it even if it did fit.

i really need to go to sleep but something tells me that’s not going to happen. i’m going to try, though. adam, i hope i get to talk to you soon. i miss you. :heart: