No More Vacation

aaaahhhhhh… i’m back in boone. i get back from florida and what do we get? SNOW!!! it freaking snowed. i’m pissed. i walked out of world civ. and it was coming down like crazy.

so, spring break was great! laying on the beach, getting burnt/tan, drinking, clubs, a big comfy bed, fish & chips, and the nightlife. i can’t believe how many people say daytona isn’t that nice. i had a blast. i wish bike week hadn’t ended so soon. i loved seeing all the biker people. it was such a cool experience along with the rest of the trip. y’all are awesome. :smile:

met some cool people, puked on a palm tree and took a picture of it, pilates on the beach at 6:45 AM, razzles, cutting in line, harold, cheesecake, sunburns, hot tub and nachos is a BAD idea, 40 beers/after shock/wild turkey/sutter homes/cap’n morgans/scotch/cabo wabo, chasing seagulls, “dirty knees look at these!”, sour cream, screen print tshirts, pizza hut waiter, “GET FAT EAT A CHEESEBURGER!!”, roberta, taxi injuries, ice cold water, cannonballs, “i’m gonna pee in your bed”, “whose foot is that?”, what lies beneath, seinfeld, law & order at 1:30 AM, bent over the kitchen table, drunk at ocean deck, popeye & when the saints go marching in, big trucks, seashells, mini jellyfish, “i’m in labor?!”, “i did what last night??”, non crusted peanut butter & jelly sandwich…

the pictures and videos are up. i shrunk the videos as much as i could. sorry for those people who actually download them ’cause they’re still a few megs.

it’s a bummer being back in classes!! it could be worse, i know. it’s been easy. i just hate being back in routine. i’m thinking about taking the summer off and just drifting everywhere like last summer. i had the time of my life. who knows where i’ll end up! adam and i talked about this this weekend. i know what i want to do for my life, i just don’t know if i have the balls to get up and do it.

speaking of adam, this weekend was even better than last time i saw him. we went and saw running scared (hell of a movie), went to burger king, joe’s crab shack, applebee’s, ruby tuesday’s, and taco bell. we went to best buy and got what dreams may come and under the tuscan sun… went back to the barracks since we checked out of the hotel sunday, and watched what dreams may come. and then i got quite tipsy… and we took pics and videos of his crazy friends. good times, good times. this kid makes me weak like no other and there is no doubt in my mind that he is a blessing and that we will be together for a hell of a long time…. we go together like eggs and tuna (k only 1 person will get that) and I CAN’T FREAKING STOP THINKING ABOUT IT.

i’ve grown very fond of the butterflies and i think he’s grown fond of the scratches.

pictures are here and here.