nights like tonight

…really make me wish that the next month and a half would last a lot longer than they will. i know they’re going to fly by and i’m dreading that part. i don’t want him to leave and i don’t want him to be over there. i’ve been in a long distance relationship much farther than the middle east and although it seemed hard then, this is going to be much harder. feelings are a hundred thousand times stronger and there will be a lot less communication during the 5-6 months he’s gone. it’s scary and uncertain and i know i’m one in hundreds and thousands of girlfriends who have their significant other over there, but to have to face it myself is a thought i have dreaded since adam and i have been together. i wasn’t expecting it this soon or ever actually. i kind of just forced it into the back of my mind when i probably should’ve been prepping myself for when the end of july comes around. i love you, adam, and i know that we can make it through this. you are freaking amazing.

he had another 24 hour guard duty yesterday/today until 8:30 this morning so he came home at 9 this morning and found me passed out on the couch. i had gotten bored last night since i was stuck at the apartment without my car and i walked to eckerd’s behind our apartment complex to buy peanut butter cup ice cream, a king sized crunch bar, and a bag of peanut butter m&ms. i’m pretty sure the cashier thought i was a PMS crazed wacked out woman but i was soon satisfied with heaps of chocolate. i’m not sure how i fell asleep last night hopped up on all that candy and caffeine but i fell asleep after my king of the hill/that 70’s show marathon. anyway, he crawled on the couch with me and we slept until i had to get ready for work. i left and worked ’til 3 and came home to find him still asleep on the couch. so i joined him for another hour until the dog drove us crazy with her whining and ramming herself into the sliding glass door and chewing on us.

we did the usual video game/computer nerd quality time on the couch and then made ourselves salads for a quick lunch type thing. we ended up going to smokey bones for dinner and then before going to the movie theater we stopped by the tobacco store for adam’s dip fix. to my surprise, he got me a little present that i would never have thought a tobacco store would have. it’s a sweet skull knife in a little wooden box all wrapped up so it looks like a coffin and it’s unbelievably badass and because i’m a girl and a boy bought me a gift i got butterflies and couldn’t quit grinning the entire movie. we went to see the omen. if you haven’t seen it, you should. parts of it are corny as hell and a few parts of it made me jump and there were some sweet gory scenes if you’re into that stuff.

last but definitely not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! i love you!! i’m sorry i couldn’t come home. i thought my car would be done by now. i’ll come home when i can. i’ll get you your cake, too. :biggrin: