Nice Long Weekend :)

classes are over for a 3 day weekend and i must say, sleeping in ’til 3PM has never felt better. i hung out at daniel and sterka’s friday night with a bunch of people, played with the snake for HOURS, i love that thing, even if it’s name is satan, i think he likes me too.

after going to get my nails done yesterday (first time in years, so excited to have some finally), i went over to dustin & colin’s and will was there and we cooked spaghetti and watched the game. sadly, patriots lost, but… it was still a fun night. i didn’t think i was gonna go out but i got really bored really fast so i drove to daniel/sterka/eric’s again and offered to be DD for eric and chris. the party ended up sucking, eric ganked some kid’s snowboard, we hung out with some really bitchy people, and played electricity, and avoided the idiots with braces chugging whiskey. how fun does that sound? it was at least entertaining. and i got to watch chucky… haha, yes!!

i drove home around 2:30 in the morning. the ice was super fun, let me tell you. after we got out of BFE podunk which is where the party was, the roads weren’t bad. but up ’til i got to 105 it was shit-ty. it was fun sliding into big mounds of snow, though.

now i’m finally awake and dressed… finished cleaning up around this place, and jill and i are gonna make our way to pizza hut i think. i’m starving and i had a tomato w/ranch dressing last night at like 11 so i am in need of food since it’s 3:15. hooray!