today’s weather forecast called for a high of 68°. it’s mid-december and boone is at an elevation of over 3000 feet. it should not be this warm. global warming is not good. needless to say, since today was the only day it hasn’t been crappy and rainy outside, we took advantage of this opportunity to go snowboarding again before our trip to LONDON begins on thursday (holy cow, i’m so freaking stoked). anywho, snow obviously melts at a temperature that high, and i don’t have to do much convincing to let you know just how crappy the conditions were. my sweet snowboarding skills were enough to keep me from face planting and/or plowing straight into a giant pile of mud and slush. instead, i sort of skidded through bits and pieces, hopped over as much dirt and mud as i could, and avoided it at all costs. i only fell in it once and it was kind of an indirect hit and i got the ice/mud as opposed to the slush/water/disgusting swamp mud. so that doesn’t count…

adam and i got a lot of good pictures (mostly of me falling and looking like an idiot) and some especially well-shot footage of him sliding down the slope on his snowboard… on his butt. i am quite possibly the best commentator on earth. :wink: try to ignore the disturbing accent.

so, aside from EXAMS AND CLASSES BEING COMPLETELY OVER, christmas being 2 weeks away, and my extreme anticipation from last week’s interview, i have to say i’m mostly excited about **london** at this point. when it comes to flying, i’m such a dork. i get all giddy and excited and i’m the girl with her face pressed up against the window going “OOOH… AHHH… SHINY” and snapping pictures of the horizon the entire ride. it might be a 10+ hour plane trip, but my eyes generally don’t close, my feet don’t stop bouncing, and i don’t stop grinning from ear to ear the whole time. adam has his work cut out for him this week. i almost feel sorry for him. i suppose i’ll have to buy him a few beers when we get there.

and you can be sure that i am bringing my laptop and my camera and will be putting pictures up as soon as i get back to the hotel every night. i estimate at least 700 photos for this trip, if not more. i’d bet on more.

oh, and as promised, pictures from the other night’s festivities. :razz: