Mother Nature Was Like J/K!

i got to work this morning, and immediately, my coworker jesse informed me of this horrendous stretch of storms that was supposed to hit us around lunch time today. the ones that swept through the southeast and absolutely devastated alabama.

i am not fond of tornadoes. i think they are absolutely terrifying. i think storm chasers have lost their marbles.

the 2 tornadoes i experienced scared the crap out of me. the noise, the yellow-ness, the wind–i watched it BEND a tree over to the ground without so much as cracking it. the tree through the neighbor’s roof. the disaster that our backyard became. hell, even driving to raleigh the other weekend–the wreckage in NC was incredible.

we were under a tornado watch most of the day. calling for strong winds, hail, severe thunderstorms, the whole nine yards. thunderstorms–fine. hail–i just bought a truck, and i do not want dents all up in it. brett and i both left work early, had lunch close to the house, and attempted to cram both of our vehicles in our garage. i say attempted because like a foot of my truck is still sticking out. i think we need smaller cars.

i put all the flowers and random items in the garage that could easily be blown away. i took the windchimes down.

it’s 5:38 and we were supposed to get the brunt of the storm around 2… and WE DIDN’T EVEN GET RAIN. we got a whole mess of wind all day long, but that was it. and i suppose i should be thankful for that. but i took a half day off work to avoid it, and it was all for nothing.

on the up side, brett and i have been at home in sweatpants with the TV on in the background, each on our computers. i got a lot of website work done.

i’ve also been familiarizing myself with lm-sensors. this may relieve me of my assembly woes from tuesday, if it does what i need it to do.

one day i’m going to throw this damned computer out the window, quit my job, quit making websites, buy a donkey and a few acres of land, and start digging out my own hobbit hole. no more headaches, no more technology, and i’d be even MORE safe from tornadoes.

OH, and my golden snitch came in the mail today. if you are a harry potter fan, you need to check out this etsy shop.

[![Golden Snitch](/content/images/2011/04/il_570xN.235516621.jpg "Golden Snitch")](/content/images/2011/04/il_570xN.235516621.jpg)