Mmm... My Cooking Is Coming Along

before i met adam, i knew how to cook grilled cheese, spaghetti, and anything with directions on the box or microwaveable. i’ve come a LONG way in these (almost) 3 years and tonight i feel like i have the right to bragg… at least a little bit.

do any of you guys ever get stumped in the kitchen and have absolutely no idea what to make? i never get any creative ideas and am like “hey, maybe if i mix these random herbs together with some flour and this sauce i will get something totally delicious and tasty”. i guess i don’t have the knack for it or the eye or taste for it. whatever. you know what i mean. normally i just go for the easy way out with hamburger helper or shake ‘n’ bake but tonight i got “crafty” and actually started mixing my own ingredients. this has not happened since my best friends and i were 8 and made our own concoctions in the kitchen and fed them to the boy next door we all had a crush on. those were not tasty and they probably shouldn’t have been edible, either. sorry, justin.

on a side note–i would like to add that i get a badass girlfriend award for the past week and a half. adam has had some super shitty days at work lately and his feet are pretty screwed up from all of their road marches (we’re talking 5 blisters, one on top of the other, in multiple places, and chafing) and he got mild (i guess?) food poisoning from KFC that we splurged on the other night. life does NOT taste better with KFC. don’t buy their stupid commercial jingle. not eating there ever again. so… basically he’s been depressed (although he’ll never admit to it) and grumpy and not in the best mood for a while now.

so instead of being a bitch about it, i’ve woken up every morning, taken the dogs out, gone to work, come home, cleaned the apartment, taken the dogs out, made the bed, cleaned the litter box, gone grocery shopping and/or cooked dinner, given him money to go buy dip, and laid on the couch being an uber dork every night on my computer. all this while PMSing and going through some equally stupid crap with work and money situations. i’ve only cried once and that’s because my face broke out SO bad and i just wanted to hide in the bathtub with a biore mask on my face until it fixed itself. lucky for me, the 3-day weekend was enough to make my face almost acceptable for being in public (almost) so between my sunglasses and a dark office at work, i can work with this. plus, if you knew me 6 months ago, you would not recognize this whitney. i swear, if anything, this summer and this job have helped me get my stupid mood swing/depression/PMDD/bat shit crazy hormonal mess under way better control and my self-confidence has improved a TON. except for this week when i was hiding in the bathtub.

tonight i told adam that i want an ice cream cake on thursday.

SO ANYWAY, that’s the scoop lately. i went to the grocery store and spent $36 (by the way, if you have a food lion and just buy food lion brands and use your MVP card, your wallet will LOVE you because i saved like $20 tonight). i bought 2 lbs of chicken breasts, 2.5 lbs of ground beef, bowtie pasta, spaghetti sauce, a head of lettuce, ranch dressing, mayonnaise, milk, hamburger helper, stove top stuffing, hand soap, 3 rolls of paper towels, and a bag of cat food. everything i bought was on sale or at least $1 or more off using my MVP card.

i came home and cooked up the stuffing and some green beans. those cooked in like 2 minutes. and the chicken took almost no time at all but oh my GOSH it was so good. i took 3 chicken breasts and put them in a pan. i coated them in balsamic vinaigrette dressing and sprinkled bread crumbs (crushed up a piece of toast), ground chipotle chili powder, black pepper, minced onion, and garlic salt on top. baked them in the oven at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes and our dinner was MUY DELICIOSO! adam scarfed it down and i even went back for seconds and i never get seconds unless i’m prepared and already wearing sweatpants. i was wearing JEANS tonight. that’s how good it was. nobody likes to feel stuffed to the brim in jeans.

now, thursday… thursday will be a day for sweatpants. i WILL be ready for ice cream cake.