Might As Well Open An Animal Shelter

a few co-workers and i were walking to pick up lunch last friday and saw this sketchy guy walking past our office flinging something around in his hand. we got a little closer and realized it wasn’t a thing. it was a freaking cat. it was a little kitten that couldn’t have been more than about 7 weeks old and he was slinging it around like it was a briefcase.

we all thought it was the kitten our boss had rescued the week before and nursed back to health. this one was bony and starving and looked exactly like the other one, only we couldn’t figure out how it could have gotten out of the office. regardless, we told the guy it was ours and i grabbed it and took off running back to the office to give it a bath and feed it and basically spoil the shit out of it. the little guy scarfed down half of the chicken from my panini and i have been attached to it ever since. too bad we have to give it away. adam and i already have our hands full with our own pets.

jessica said that once she moves in a few weeks, she’ll be able to adopt it. until then, i agreed to take care of it. we already had all the cat stuff so it works out well. rampage and thor (that’s what we named it) play constantly (meaning until the sun came up this morning) and loki and jack just like to sniff its butt a lot. it’s one big happy family. even if i didn’t have TV or a laptop, i’m pretty sure i’d never get bored. watching all the animals play together is more than enough entertainment for a full day. i really need to get some of it on video.

i’ve been bringing thor to work every day since my boss brings the kitten she saved to work. they have play dates. :lol: they’re so cute and i want to take all of them home, but i think adam would drop kick me. he makes his rounds all over the office and visits with everyone. i think he slept in everyone’s lap at least once yesterday.

how could you not love him? i mean just look at how cuddly he is.