May 2001

Tuesday, May 8, 2001

laadeeeeedddaaahhhhh! Like my singing? oh yeah, i’m hyper! New layout on my personal site! =P Yippee skippee!! Woohoo! haha. Oh Lordie I betta sit down before I hurt myself…hmm… yeah, I helped Brett make some graphics if he gets his record deal. Grr..pickypicky! JK HUN ya know I love ya! =) anyways, gotta go! Later!

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Sunday, May 6, 2001

hmm… today sucked! yeah… thats basically it for today… katie if you needa talk, i’m in the same position you are! yucky ain’t it. yeah. well i still have to finish up some last minute gay homework so i’ll be back. later…

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lookie what Whit got…

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Saturday, May 5, 2001

HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO! haha. =D me and lauren are sittin here um yeah being bored b/c we sorta can’t go outside! anyway. we’re listenin to incubus and this really weird person just IMed me… they’re retarded. yeah.

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ok. i think i have everything fixed now! wow that’s a first. umm i took all my cliques off so if you’re one of the people whose clique was up here under joined, you can go ahead and take me off the members’ list or whatever because i don’t want to keep track of all those anymore. k? so don’t get all pi$$y when you come here and see nothing at all. alright? =D i think i’m actually going to bed now! hmm. yeah. goodnight!

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ladeedaahhh. i’m so bored. i don’t feel like sleeping. oh guess what! i get to go to concord mills tomorrow! it’s only like a huge freakin mall with a bigillion stores! heck yeah! lol =P i’m so excited! i really need to go shopping for Australia stuff too still. Yucky! =( I should save my $$$, but I doubt that’s ever gonna happen…

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hey people, i got a new layout! ain’t it cute? yes, unfortunately, that is me at the top left of your screen looking highly stupid. =D I didn’t think that picture was too bad! hmm… anyways. I hope everyone enjoys this layout. It’s springy! =P I got bored and figured I’d make another creation, and voila! If anyone wants to send me anymore fan signs feel free! hehe. I’ll make some for my buddies as soon as I get more batteries for my digicam! Yay! I owe Dana and I really wanna make one for Kat. Then I need to make one for Jerry cuz he was such a sweetie and made one for me! Is he not adorable?!? Ahhhh

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Friday, May 4, 2001

aww! look what this cutie sent me! he’s awesome! haha

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ACK! Where’d my fansign go? Hmm… I’ll post it again I guess. Thanks Whit! =P

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Hold up….I just realized something. I did blog 2 days ago, just not yesterday. Where the heck did my posts go. That’s really really not cool…shhhhhhhiat

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yeah yeah i changed the font again. i can’t decide. a lot of people don’t have the silkscreen font though, so how are they gonna see it right! See, I think of these things! Smart girl! Yeeeeeeah. Right. Anyways, today we had like a 2 hour awards ceremony at school. Then 4th period there were only 3 kids in our class, so we got m&m;’s, skittles, blow pops, and I got on the computer! yay! =D GO me! Yeah. THEY AREN’T GIVING ME MY YEARBOOK UNTIL TUESDAY!! Does that not suck like majorly? Dood I really want one! haha. I guess I’ll have to wait. Oh yeah, Lauren if you read this, I really gotta talk to you about some stuff when you come over Saturday. I need err, counseling you might say. Haha. Hmm… I think I’m gonna go talk to some people now!

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EEK! i haven’t updated in 3 days! i’m so sorry!!! ahhhh. ftp wouldn’t let me sign on. it said i had the wrong username and password and i was like what the heck happened. it was being really gay! anyway, yeah i really want a webcam. MY DAD SAID I CAN GET A DOMAIN FOR MY BIRTHDAY! YEAH BABY!