Long Island, Anyone?

i love my lunch break at work. since julianna (my former lunch buddy and work-best-friend) left, i’ve been going to lunch with courtney or taylor or jessica almost every day. courtney is just crazy, jessica seems normal until you sit with her for 5 minutes or so, and taylor is about the weirdest guy i’ve ever met. i say all this in the nicest way possible… i love them to death.

i went to beef-o-brady’s with jessica and taylor today. normally taylor is the only one who will go to beef’s with me and we’ll get a couple beers and split nachos, but today was a special day and jessica graced us with her presence. and after a long morning, taylor and i decided to order long islands instead of our usual. we cracked jokes about clients, harrassed our waitress (i feel so sorry for every waitress that ever waits on those two), ate lots of junk food, and on our way out jessica and taylor threatened some poor woman on a bike. all in all, a normal lunch hour. :wink:

i really don’t want to leave in august. i don’t know how i’m gonna manage without some of these people around every day. i hope they know how much they cheer my sleepy ass up every day.