June 2004

how precious 06.30.04 | 5:44 PM | posted by whit
thank you mom, for this. ha! i love it. :)

i’ve been keeping myself busy today because no one’s really doing anything exciting. i woke up at 11:30 or so, sat around for a while, and then started on…LAUNDRY!!! yes! it’s been so exciting, but it’s better than doing nothing. so i did that, and while i waited forever for the towels to dry, i drove to CVS and dropped off my 2 disposable cameras from this summer. the pictures are awesome and they make me happy. i’ll scan some later to show you guys how cool me and my friends are… well, maybe cool isn’t the right word. i think stupid is more like it but.. anyway, good stuff. while i was waiting for my pictures to develop, i went over to happy scrappy’s because they’ve got a billion cutesy weird stickers for scrapbooks and crap like that. i found a ton to go with all my pictures from this summer and trips and for shane and grainger’s scrapbooks so i’m gonna have a long night putting all that together. i’ve barely started on grainger’s :( argh. i guess i’ll have more pictures after next weekend when i go visit him. and then if i go to korea to see shane, i’m gonna have to make a whole new book… ahhhh!

i’ll post later.

newsflash 06.28.04 | 2:41 PM | posted by whit
pictures are up :)

can’t stay awake 06.28.04 | 12:18 AM | posted by whit
i’m starting to crash slowly again… i was doing alright earlier, but after sitting through riddick with the guys at the movies tonight, my energy level plummeted and i can’t stay awake any longer. i’ve been awake since saturday around 8:30-9 AM and i haven’t really had any caffeine since then. i’ve been living off lemonade and airport food. i have all the pictures from the trip ready just about, so they’ll be up later. i do believe i’ll be sleeping in a bit tomorrow. =) goodnight.

whooooaaaa 06.19.04 | 6:40 PM | posted by whit
i went to egohr to get my hair highlighted today and i walked out of there with it jet black and blonde and a nice half inch or so cut off. it rocks. i’ve never had black hair so this is exciting for me. i know, i’m an idiot.

i’ve been packing all afternoon for maine and i’ve been freaking out about the trip. it’s gonna be so much fun, but it’s gonna be weird meeting all these people i’m supposedly related to because i’ll only know a handful of the people up there. i guess that’s how family reunions end up most of the time anyway. either way, it will be nice to see everyone i DO know and it’ll be a nice vacation. i’m gonna head out to my dad’s place and do the whole father’s day thing. i’ll update whenever i get a chance. :)

boredom 06.17.04 | 7:38 PM | posted by whit
i can’t wait until i can get out of the state again. :) it sounds horrible because i’ve been out of town the majority of my summer vacation, but it’s so refreshing to go somewhere new every once in a while! sunday i’ll be off again on a plane and it’ll be my first time flying just by myself. i’m definitely excited and holy crap, it will rock.

my mom and i just got home from dinner and a movie. we went and saw shrek 2… again. yep. i loved it and so did she so we decided to relive the moment. it was fun, but now i’m sleepy. i really wanna go out and do something tonight but i’m not sure what’s going on. i’ll probably be heading out soon to find something to do.

i’m gonna go and finish updating a few things. i’ll post sometime before sunday, most likely.

leaving again x2 06.16.04 | 12:08 AM | posted by whit
i’m home again :) but only for 4 days.

happy birthday tomASS! much love to you. you can finally buy your own beer instead of making early and byrd and matt go on beer runs. go you! anyway, i’m heading out to see thomas so this post will be short.

i leave for maine on sunday and i’ll be home on the 27th. i don’t know if i’ll have access to a computer during that whole 8 days… what am i going to do?!

leaving again 06.13.04 | 12:08 AM | posted by whit
wow, yesterday was a blast. siner and dustan and ryan’s party was even better than the last party at their place, which i didn’t think was possible. i was one out of the tiny handful of people who wasn’t under the influence last night… good stuff. i met a ton of new people and all my buddies were there too. well, almost all. lots of people were missing but they can be forgiven, i suppose. i took lots of pictures and they’re all up in the gallery, but none of them are resized. i still haven’t gotten around to putting all the newest pictures in albums yet. sorry :D

i’m leaving early in the morning for virginia and i won’t get back ’til tuesday afternoon. thomas, i’m sorry, but i have to miss your zoo trip. i want to go so bad. sigh

i think it’s time for me to crash. i didn’t get to sleep ’til around 5 AM and woke up at 10:45 so i need a little shut eye tonight. night guys.

partaaay 06.11.04 | 12:56 PM | posted by whit
so who’s going tonight? i’m driving myself and thomas up to boone tonight because siner’s having another party and it’s gonna rock. his last one was great. too bad there’s no snow to play in this time.. hrm. anyway, it’ll be a lot of fun. i haven’t seen everyone together in a while. i’m excited :) i’m leaving here in a few hours to head on up there. if anyone wants to go with thomas and i, i have room for 3 more! give me a call. :D

since shane left wednesday morning, i was a wreck. to top it off, one of his neighbors hit my car while it was parked in shane’s front yard. to say the least, that wasn’t my best day this week. thomas, being the cool guy he is, hung out with me all night. it definitely made me feel better and it kept me from getting in a pissy mood. he and i went to the dairi-o and sucked down ice cream and milkshakes and just hung out for a while. it was awesome, and he got to watch me sing every single country song known to man. we went back to my place and watched the ATHF dvds that shane bought me when he was home and i worked on my 3rd scrapbook since i got most of my pictures developed. i almost got it finished too because thomas fell asleep for a pretty good while. i drove him home and then i was so dead tired that i crashed soon after. thomas rocks.

yesterday was my mom’s birthday so after i drove around getting car estimates, it was finally time for her to come home. she opened her presents and we sat and talked for a while. i decided it was time to get out of the house again so i headed over to early/byrd/kennedy/jarrod’s house and waited for byrd to get home from work. kennedy and his woman were there too so the 4 of us watched stuck on you and goofed off for a few hours. austin came over later, early got home from work, and jarrod got home from work so we had some nice long talks. all i know is i learned a lot more about all the bars/clubs/gentleman’s clubs in this city than i ever wanted to know.

i’m gonna go shower and get my stuff packed up for tonight. it’s about time i went back to boone ;)

hmm 06.10.04 | 7:22 PM | posted by whit
who did this one? huh?

lonely again 06.10.04 | 4:18 AM | posted by whit
shane boarded his plane at 9:20 this morning and i’m left by myself for another 5-6 months. i guess that’s the way it goes, but it sure does suck. the past 2-3 weeks were even better than the last time he was home way back in november. i didn’t think it was possible. the time has flown by so hopefully this next bit of time will too. i miss you. =\

i’m not sure why i’m awake right now. i got 2 hours of sleep last night after shane and i finished packing and watching evil dead and army of darkness. i only got about an hour in the car on the way to and from the airport this morning. i got another burst of energy so i just went through ALL the pictures from the past few weeks and they’re all up and organized. i just have to put them in albums so they’re smaller so they don’t completely destroy my bandwidth. i’ll do that later ’cause i definitely don’t have the patience left to do it tonight.

i’m gonna crash. i don’t want to sleep all day tomorrow, but i have a feeling i’m gonna end up doing that anyway. it’s gonna feel weird not sleeping next to someone. i hate this feeling. my aqua teen hunger force dolls can’t quite take his place. night guys.

sooo sleepy 06.07.04 | 1:51 AM | posted by whit
i’m about to fall asleep at the keyboard but i figured i’d post something before i go to bed. the past few days have been crazy and nothing but fun. i’m dreading wednesday because shane goes back to korea. grainger has already left, now shane’s leaving me too. sucky, but i’ll deal with it. we’re just gonna all try to have as much fun as possible with the time we have left. shane, matt, thomas, & i spent the day at emerald pointe which was awesome. i had never been there and i had a blast. it wasn’t really sunny today so none of us really got any color. oh well. it was still fun.

i have so many pictures from the past 2-3 weeks and i’m dreading putting all of them up. i’ll get around to it eventually. =\ tonight is my first night home since before graduation so i’m trying to catch up on a few things. i probably won’t be staying at home tonight since that’s been the general trend. maybe this weekend i’ll get everything back on track, but i wouldn’t count on it.

i’ve been getting the most bizarre e-mails and phone calls and my hits have basically doubled since 2 weeks ago. it’s really strange. i don’t really understand where it’s all coming from all of a sudden. if anyone could help me out on that one… yeah.

i’m going to sleep.

home from georgia 06.04.04 | 11:20 PM | posted by whit
i’m back from georgia and shane and i just got home from the west stokes graduation. it was weird because we didn’t sit in the auditorium–instead, we sat in a classroom and watched the graduation on a TV. i won’t be posting a lot because shane leaves wednesday and i’m not gonna be home a lot until then. i’ll be in virginia the following weekend, and then maine shortly after. a laptop would be nice for things like this. i get lazy with the website when i’m not home as much.

pictures and crap will eventually be uploaded soon. sorry guys =)

back for a little while 06.01.04 | 3:38 PM | posted by whit
shane and i just got home from the beach and i just wanted to make a post saying that i’m not dead. some people apparently thought i was gone forever or something. anyway, i’m leaving for georgia tomorrow and i won’t be home ’til friday night. the website will be screwed up for most of the summer. :)

i’ll post and upload pictures later.